Bitcoin Casinos in India

Online casinos were one of the earliest adopters of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since they allowed easier payments and more transparency. There’s no shortage of online casinos that accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method, and the number is expected to rise as BTC gains mass adoption.

However, not all online casinos that accept Bitcoin are trustworthy. Some of them can actually be downright scams since it is very easy to do so with cryptocurrency. On this page, we only feature the very best AND regulated online casinos that accept cryptocurrency. 

Keep reading to know everything you need to know about using Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies at online casinos in India!

Bitcoin Casinos India

Best online casinos in India that accept Bitcoin in 2022

Bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity over the years and is supported by a huge number of online casinos. Here are the best online casinos that accept Bitcoin in India:

  • CasinoFree SpinsBonusInfoRating
  • 1BetsioAmount of free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    20% Cashback
    • Crypto-focused online casino
    • A huge number of online slots
    • 20% Cashback to regular players
    Play now!
  • 2PureWin reviewAmount of free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • Created by gaming enthusiasts
    • Supports Indian games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and more
    • Rewarding loyalty program
    Play now!
  • 3JV SpinAmount of free spins
    150 free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • Trendy and unique theme
    • Great slots selection
    • Cryptocurrency supported
    Play now!
  • 410Cric Online Casino and SportsbookAmount of free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    Total up to

    • Lots of classic Indian games like Teen Patti
    • Awesome welcome bonus
    • One of the best sportsbooks in the market
    Play now!
  • 5CasinoDays ReviewAmount of free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • Support for Indian games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti
    • Domestic payments options like UPI supported
    • Slots with India-specific themes
    Play now!
  • 622Bet ReviewAmount of free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • Enticing welcome bonus
    • Good game collection
    • High quality sportsbook
    Play now!
  • 71xBetAmount of free spins
    150 free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • Extensive sportsbook
    • Great live casino experience
    • Variety of bonuses and offers available
    Play now!
  • 8melbet casino reviewAmount of free spins
    290 free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • Cryptocurrency supported as a payment channel
    • High-quality live casino games
    • Great customer support
    Play now!
  • 9Nomini ReviewAmount of free spins
    100 free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • 7 different welcome bonus options
    • Bright, colorful, and fun theme
    • Exclusive casino games
    Play now!
  • 10Wazamba ReviewAmount of free spins
    20 free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • Unique gameplay elements that fit well with the theme
    • Cryptocurrency accepted
    Play now!
  • 11Betwinner CasinoAmount of free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    100% up to

    • Comes with a great sportsbook
    • Great welcome bonus
    • Modern design and UX
    Play now!
  • 12Parimatch casino reviewAmount of free spins
    Online Casino Welcome Bonus
    150% up to

    • A broad range of betting markets available
    • A user-friendly mobile betting app
    • The capability to do live and pre-match bets
    Play now!


The text under the gift icon indicates the welcome bonus offered by the casino. For example, "100% up to ₹10,000" means the casino will offer a welcome bonus that is matched 100% to your deposit with a maximum bonus limit set at ₹10,000.


The text under the spin icon indicates the number of free spins offered in the welcome bonus of the casino. For example, "10 free spins" means that you will get 10 free spins included in the welcome bonus offered by the casino.

Our Top Three Picks for Bitcoin Casinos in India

Here are our three favorite online casinos for depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin:

  1. Pure Win 
  2. 10Cric
  3. Casino Days

Pure Win

Pure Win is one of the best online casinos and sportsbooks in India today. Offering both a huge number of online casino games and sportsbook, Pure Win is a complete option for anyone who's looking for a modern online casino that caters to your every need. It also comes with several welcome bonuses, and its game selection include Indian games such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. To learn more about huge welcome bonus or more about Pure Win, check out our in-depth review of Pure Win!


While 10Cric is one of the most established brands when it comes to the online betting industry in India, its also offers an online casino that has a huge game selection, multiple welcome bonuses worth tens of thousands of rupees, and one of the best sportsbooks in the country currently. What really impressed us was its mobile experience which is extremely smooth and easy-to-use. You can learn more about the 10Cric here!

Casino Days

Casino Days might be one of the newer online casinos in India but it has proven to be a great online casino so far. The game selection is perfect and this online casino supports both UPI and Bitcoin, making it one of the most convenient options when it comes to payment methods. Learn everything you need to know about Casino Days with our in-depth review!

What is Bitcoin?

It can be a bit difficult to understand how Bitcoin works if you do not have a technical background. However, thanks to its massive adoption, it is easier than ever to use Bitcoin. 

So you don’t really need to understand how Bitcoin works to use it, just like you don’t need to understand how online banking works to use it. However, if you’re curious and want a layman definition of what Bitcoin is, here’s our best attempt:

Bitcoin was the first and is currently the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. 

The technology behind Bitcoin is known as Blockchain, which is essentially a way of storing data in a decentralized manner and ensuring the validity of the stored data. Imagine millions of computers working continuously around the world to run a payments network on a public decentralized ledger (blockchain) and you have the basic concept behind Bitcoin.

Blockchain uses cryptography to ensure the data stored is valid and not tampered with. The technical name for the process is “proof of work”. Without getting too much into it, this process ensures that all the computers in the network are working towards the same goal for the same financial rewards. 

In the early days, it was not really possible to use Bitcoin since there was no infrastructure around it. However, after growing in value over a decade, several other services have been built on top and around Bitcoin. These services make it easier to buy, trade, and use cryptocurrency. Some of the most popular examples of such services are Binance and Coinbase.

While Bitcoin had a turbulent past in India, the industry has been steadily growing with local exchanges like WazirX and CoinDCX being extremely successful. 


Casino NameBTC DepositBTC WithdrawMinimum Transaction AmountMaximum Transaction AmountProcessing Time
10Cric₹500₹7,00,000within 5 block confirmations*
1xBet₹300₹2,50,000within 5 block confirmations*
22Bet₹75₹1,00,000within 5 block confirmations*
BetWinner₹500₹70,000within 5 block confirmations*
CasinoDays₹500₹1,00,000within 5 block confirmations*
MelBet₹600₹30,000within 5 block confirmations*
Nomini₹600₹6,00,000within 5 block confirmations*
Purecasino₹600₹6,00,000within 5 block confirmations*
Wazamba₹600₹6,00,000within 5 block confirmations*

* Block confirmations are used to authenticate transactions on the Bitcoin network. A typical transaction is verified within 5 block confirmations which can take 10-15 minutes, depending on the fees used in the transaction, although most modern wallets will automatically ensure the transaction fees are added.

Why use Bitcoin over other payment methods like UPI?

During the early days of the online casino industry in India, the most popular payment methods used to be eWallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller, since they allowed players to deposit and withdraw money while not being in violation of the FEMA Act, 1999 which regulates foreign exchange in the country. 

Similarly, PayPal and now UPI more recently have come up as other payment methods that allow users to do the same. However, due to restrictions placed on Indian PayPal, it is not possible for many people to create an account these days. UPI adoption is growing but many of the better online casinos do not accept UPI but do accept Bitcoin.

In our opinion, the most convenient payment method for online casinos is UPI. However, if the online casino does not support UPI, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a better way to deposit and withdraw when compared to legacy methods like Skrill. The reason why Bitcoin is a better alternative in this case is because eWallets like Skrill and PayPal have stringent compliance norms in India set by the RBI, which has led to extensive KYC practices that can make it difficult to create an account. Additionally, depending on the payment gateway used, you can also save a lot on transactions fees with Bitcoin as opposed to Skrill. 

Our preference for UPI as the most convenient payment method is due to the following reasons:

1. There is no KYC process involved at any stage.

2. The money is directly debited from your bank account.

3. There are no fees involved and all transactions are settled within half an hour,  with the actual UPI payment request going through instantly.

While Bitcoin helps with decreasing transaction fees, it is not for everyone. Whereas UPI is the most commonly used payment method in India and the service is available to anyone with an online banking account.

Do all online casinos accept Bitcoin?

While many online casinos have started accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it is still far from the industry standard. There are several reasons why this payment method is not yet common such as:

  • The technology is still in its early phases and bigger online casinos do not want to take the risk.

  • Even though the process has been simplified, paying with cryptocurrency still involves a learning curve and a lot of people would rather use payment methods familiar to them like VISA or MasterCard over cryptocurrency.

  • The lack of legal clarity on the subject is also a major concern. There are no global laws for crypto and the laws vary depending on country to country. By adding cryptocurrency as a payment method, global online casinos have to ensure they meet compliance in all their markets which involves significant time and costs.

How to use Bitcoin to deposit on online casinos

There are two steps to using Bitcoin to deposit on online casinos - 

  1. Buying Bitcoin
  2. Depositing Bitcoin on the online casino

Keeping this in mind, we’ll break this section into the two following parts:

  • Buying Bitcoin

    To buy bitcoin in India, we would recommend using a trusted local exchange such as WazirX, Coinswitch Kuber, and CoinDCX.

    Register an account there and follow all steps, particularly the KYC norms (we recommend this since it is always better to have the transactions recorded properly for tax reasons).

    Once you have registered your account at the exchange of your choosing, add INR to the exchange and buy Bitcoin. After the Bitcoin has been credited to your exchange wallet, you have to withdraw it to a personal wallet.

    There are several options for personal wallets and we would recommend using smartphone wallets as they are the best option while being secure. A good example is MyCelium. Do remember to transfer the Bitcoins from your exchange wallet to your personal wallet as failing to do so might result in the transaction not going through!

  • Depositing Bitcoin on the online casino

    When you’re ready with the Bitcoin in your personal wallet, register on any of the online casinos listed on this page. 

    To deposit with Bitcoins, go to the cashier page and choose Bitcoin as a payment option. Follow the simple instructions provided by the payment gateway and your account will be credited once the transaction goes through! 

    Once you initiate the deposit, you will receive a BTC address from the payment gateway. This is very much like a bank account number where you can send funds. Copy the BTC address from the payment gateway and send the transaction amount there from your wallet. Ensure the address is copied correctly and that the fees are adequately covered by the wallet automatically.

How to use Bitcoin (BTC) to withdraw from online casinos

Here’s a quick guide on how to withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) from online casinos:

  • Go to the cashier page and choose Bitcoin as the payment method for the withdrawal.
  • Open your personal wallet and copy your wallet address. 
  • Paste the wallet address in the payment gateway and select the amount of BTC you want to withdraw. 
  • The transaction should be initiated and the BTC should show up in your personal wallet.
  • If you wish to convert the BTC into INR, you can send it to your exchange wallet and sell it for INR. From there, you can withdraw the INR while confirming all compliances and regulations.

Experts tips on using Bitcoin with online casinos

Since cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not exactly completely user-friendly yet, here are some expert tips to help you stay out of any problems while using Bitcoin as a payment method at online casinos in India.

1. Buy from a local KYC-complaint exchange

If you're buying Bitcoin in India with INR, it is always better to do it at a local exchange which complies with KYC requirements. It is important to use exchanges that comply with all regulations and legalities to prevent any problem with taxation that may arise in the future. It is always good to have a paper trail to prove your income and expenses when it comes to cryptocurrency, as governments worldwide are either already taxing it or planning to do so.

2. Have a "self-hosted" wallet

As mentioned in this article, there are two types of Bitcoin wallets - self-hosted and exchange wallets. Self-hosted wallets are independent applications that can run on your phone or computer while exchange wallets are basically checking accounts with the exchange where you own the funds but the exchange owns the account. We recommend sending Bitcoins first to a self-hosted wallet from the exchange and then use the self-hosted wallet to pay at online casinos. Exchange wallets are not really meant to be used for payments and often have delays added to the transactions. Sending Bitcoin from an exchange wallet directly to an online casino can result in the transaction getting delayed and funds being lost!

3. Double-check EVERYTHING

Since Bitcoin transactions are not reversible, it is vital to always check the sending address before transferring the funds. We recommend users to pay extremely close attention when they are dealing with cryptocurrency transactions. Once the funds have been sent, there is no way to get the transaction refunded if you entered the wrong address while sending it.

Pros and Cons of using Bitcoin 

While you might be ready to use Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw from online casinos, it is important to know the possible downsides too. Here’s a quick pros and cons table for the same:

Better suited for international payments compared to traditional options. Requires a bit of research and learning to understand how it works.
Allows you to retain your winnings as BTC instead of converting it directly to INR and incurring taxes. The transactions are not refundable.
KYC is usually only required to create an exchange account, not on the online casinos when using Bitcoin to pay/withdraw.

Other popular cryptocurrencies that can be used in online casinos

While Bitcoin is the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, there are literally thousands of other cryptocurrencies available today. Several of them have interesting use cases like Etherium or are better suited to act as currencies like the Nano network. 

We recommend sticking with Bitcoin for online casino transactions since it is the safest and most adopted option but other options that advanced users can check out include Litecoin, Ripple, and Nano.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin and online casinos in India


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been around for more than a decade and have proven they are a secure and fast means of transferring funds. With the recent spike in adoption of cryptocurrency, especially in developing countries like India, has led to the many online casino players using it as their preferred payment method. There are several upsides to Bitcoin transactions but there are also some downsides such as transactions being non-refundable.

Overall, we would recommend using Bitcoin only if you understand it at a surface level at least. Since the field is so new, it is also ripe with bad actors and an inexperienced person might not be able to tell the difference between good intentions and bad. The latest information on all things related to online casinos and bitcoin will always be available on this page and we will always recommend playing on one of the casinos listed on this site if you're planning on using cryptocurrency for transactions as we only list regulated and fair online casinos.