How we rate online casinos

There are many aspects to reviewing an online casino. An unbiased review should comprehensively cover all aspects of the online casino relevant to the player experience and should clearly reflect the operator’s quality. 

With multiple factors to consider such as the range of games available, regulatory compliance,  the payment methods supported, and the sportsbook’s quality, it can be challenging for the average player to compare the many options available in the Indian market today.

At, you can find reviews of every major online casino in India. Following a strict rating system, that ensures the reviews remain unbiased and provide a clear basis for comparisons of casino sites in India for every player.’s rating system explained

You might be wondering, how are the online casinos rated on this site? 

The reviewers spend a considerable amount of time researching all the relevant aspects of the online casino. Right from signing up to going through the game experience first-hand to dealing with the customer support teams - the reviews are based on real-life experiences and data. The reviews also follow a strict rating system.

Here are some quick points that shed some light on the practices followed by this site:

Star ratings and what they mean:

A star rating is prescribed for all the essential aspects of a review. The rating ranges from 0 to 5 depending on the quality of that particular aspect of the online casino. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the star ratings on this site:

5/5 = Exceptional

4/5 = Very Good

3/5 = Average

2/5 = Sub-par

1/5 = Extremely poor

Factors that are taken into consideration:

All the reviews take multiple factors into account to provide a complete picture of the online casino’s service quality. mainly covers the following aspects in its reviews:

  • Bonuses offered
    All bonuses offered by the online casino are covered and rated. Considering all types of bonuses provided by the site (such as the welcome bonus, live casino bonuses, or sportsbook bonus), a rating is provided for the quality of bonuses offered.

  • Game selection
    The game catalog is one of the most critical aspects that the reviews dig into. Covering the availability of all the popular casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots, the reviews provide an accurate rating of the range of game selection provided.

  • Live casino experience
    Live casino games have become the norm these days, and most online casinos offer at least a few of them. Considering the importance of live casino games, the reviews take a look at the quality of the live casino experience provided by the online casino and rate it.
  • Sportsbook and Betting Experience (if applicable)
    Suppose the online casino also comes with an integrated sportsbook (like Royal Panda and LeoVegas). In that case, the reviews also consider the sportsbook’s quality and all the several factors that affect it. For example, special consideration is given to the betting experience of popular Indian sports like Cricket and Football and the dedicated betting bonus offered.
  • Payment options and methods
    With UPI casinos becoming more popular in India, players expect all online casinos to provide easy-to-use payment methods. All the reviews on this site provide information on the online casino’s payment options, transaction time, fees, and provide an overall rating.
  • Mobile usability
    The reviews also factor in the mobile experience of the online casino. Since most players in India use smartphones to play on online casinos, the quality of the mobile experience is vital to the overall experience.

  • Customer support
    Lastly, the online casinos’ customer support is also reviewed thoroughly based on the number of channels available like live chat, phone, and email, how quickly they respond, and how useful they are.

Basic requirements of an online casino to be reviewed here:

While this site aims to cover all the latest online casino sites in India, there are a few requirements that an online casino should fulfill before being listed on this site. Here are the most basic requirements:

  • No history of fraud or foul play.
  • License to operate internationally from an authority like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
  • No history of misappropriation of funds or financial malpractice.
  • Ability to offer its services in India.

Why trust us?

With years of experience in the iGaming industry, the team include experts in online casinos and sportsbooks.

All the reviews on this site are always thoroughly researched and regularly fact-checked to ensure all the information provided is current and relevant. Additionally, it is confirmed that the reviews are not affected by any biases, personal or otherwise.

By providing an objective and straightforward overview of India’s online casino industry, this site aims to be a trustworthy source of information for all online casino lovers.